All-Ability Trails in Snowdonia[ISBN: 978 1 908748 40 9]

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All-Ability Trails in Snowdonia[ISBN: 978 1 908748 40 9]

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This guide exists to help make available the many excellent 'all-ability' trails that exist for those less able to visit some of the most beautiful places in North Wales. Some of the trails described even get to places high in the mountains as, for example, to Llyn Llydaw below the dramatic pyramidal peak of Snowdon, with the 1,000 feet high cliffs of Lliwedd to the left and the castellated Crib Goch ridge high up to the right. One trail visits some of the tallest trees found in Wales, a couple have added nature puzzle trails whilst others just explore the beautiful countryside with some really stunning views. By their nature the trails are easily and clearly followed, needing little navigational knowledge.

All-ability trails are generally wide, usually have a good surface and are reasonably level for manual wheelchairs. Only the power of arms or helpers will be the limiting factor as to how far one travels.

On off-road terrain the capabilities of different models of wheelchairs have a much greater influence on what is possible. The level of assistance that the user feels is acceptable also influences what the user considers as do-able. Scooters can access steeper off-road trails whilst All-terrain Wheelchairs are designed for the more rugged, steeper trails, being able to cope with grass, mud, cobbles, rocky areas, steep slopes, steps, high kerbs, sand and even snow.

For the purpose of this guide it is presumed that wheelchair-bound people have a family member or a friend to accompany them during their outdoor experience. I believe it is important for everyone to interact with each other, making being outdoors a sociable occasion. We have also presumed, rightly or wrongly, that solo use is inadvisable on these trails.

We hope this guide motivates wheelchair and scooter users to get out into the country. It highlights many possibilities for the enjoyment of this wonderful area, and remember, these routes also make excellent short walks!
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